DO NOT drink and drive!

Even small amount of booze impairs your judgement. Quote "AQULA" to recieve special rates for your safe drive home +254 723028363

Avoid drinking on an empty stomach. Have a good dinner before leaving the house or sizeable snack when start drinking

Space your drinks with water, a non-alcoholic beverage, or a snack. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate - water works best and your body will thank you the next day


Keep a count of the number of drinks you have had

Be a good friend. If you're out with a mate that seems to be getting drunk, get them water, order them some food, and make sure they have a way to get home. Offer to hold their keys for them. Call a taxi and wait with them. They'll thank you tomorrow

Plan ahead of time. Leave your car keys at home. Take the bus or get a ride with a sober. That way, you won't be tempted to think you're "ok" to drive

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