You expect the highest quality, but don't want to pay a king's ransom for it?

We get it!

Born in the land of Kenya, AQULA vodka invokes ancient Russian recipes and distillation practices and combines this with the purest of water to create an incredibly smooth, great-tasting vodka with remarkable body and character.

Unbeatable quality for the best value on the market, world class standards in our distilling process, natural antioxidants and impurity absorbents. Amazing vodka flavor, the perfect vehicle for whatever cocktail you can concoct!

No hangover, when consumed in moderation. Too much of a good thing can make you feeling less than fabulous!


" As a young boy is born and grows into a warrior, a moran not to fear even the king of the jungle, so writes its legacy in the heart of the land. Of royal blood is it born, large of heart with intent to please others….."

Only the highest quality grain growing on the cool fields of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine will be transformed into AQULA Vodka. Grain soaks the sun, the wind and the water of the rains to mature into the bright yellow goodness. Carefully harvested, dried and stored to deliver nothing but the best...

The grain is being mashed, the mash is being poured into the stainless still tanks, and yeast is added to convert the starch sugars into alcohol. To remove impurities alcohol is continuously cycled up and down, and heated with steam, until the vapors are released and condensed into crystal clear spirit containing 95% alcohol

After several hundred years of experimenting a perfect vodka formula was established – 40% alcohol. Hence before bottling AQULA Vodka is being mixed by the Vodka Master according to the secret recipe. Bottles are cleaned, filled, capped, sealed, labeled, and loaded into cartons on a conveyer belt to ensure quality coherence across the batches

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40% alc.vol. Distilled from grain